How it works

Tap Sock fits on almost any bath tap
Just like a sock for your tap!

You can fit the Tap Sock on your tap in seconds. It couldn’t be quicker or easier to use! The soft silicone rubber acts like a cushion on the hard metal surface and edges of the spout.

It won’t stop you falling or banging yourself but it will certainly help soften the blow!

  •  Helps prevent accidental scalds by stopping you coming into direct contact with the hot metal tap.

  •  Designed for safety, not for fun – that’s why the Tap Sock is plain and pattern-free, so it doesn’t attract attention.

  •  Small, lightweight and easy to store. Made from non-toxic silicone rubber.

  •  Fits most standard taps.


How to use

Just like putting a sock on your tap! Simply push the Tap Sock over the spout, making sure that you position the water outlet hole where the water comes out of your tap so that water can drain. Check that the Tap Sock feels secure against the tap before turning the tap on. To remove, simply pull the Tap Sock off the spout. Wash in hot soapy water if/as required. 

Not to be used whilst the tap is running.

Made in China.  Made from non-toxic materials. The Tap Sock is only to be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Ellie's Safety Ltd does not accept any responsibility for any other uses than stated. Not fit for consumption.

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The story behind Tap Sock

A few months into my baby daughter’s bathing ritual, I noticed that not only had she become a lot more active in the bath but anything and everything caught her attention, especially if it was bright and shiny … so the bath taps became a big issue, especially as they were now head height! Not only was I concerned that she might burn herself if she touched the hot tap but I lost count of the times she almost banged her head on the taps.

I decided I needed to buy something to help protect my little one at bath time – something that would make the taps less interesting in the first place, that would soften the blow if she did bang her head on the hard surface and would also stop her from accidentally scalding herself on the hot tap. Despite my best efforts I couldn’t find anything suitable, so I decided to invent something myself! And, after some careful research and development, the Tap Sock was born!

Where babies and children are concerned, I believe the more convenient and easier a product is to use, the better. That’s why I came up with the idea of a simple non-toxic tough rubber protector that can be fitted easily over the spout of any standard size tap to cushion the metal surface and provide a heat resistant layer. I included a water outlet hole in the design so that water can escape if the tap is accidentally turned on – something my toddler loves to do! It was also very important to me that it should not be patterned or have bright colours or pictures – the last thing I wanted was a product that was going to attract my daughter’s attention even more! As a result, I’m the first to admit that my product won’t win any prizes for looks but the fact that it is so plain means that it blends into the background and goes with any bath colour scheme!

Cost was another important issue for me, so I have done what I could with the design to make this product affordable and keep the retail price under £5.00.

If, like me, you are finding that bathing your little one is becoming a bit of nightmare or you’ve heard worrying stories of accidents happening in the bath, I really hope that the Tap Sock will help you start to enjoy bath times again.

Thanks for reading!

Lucy Dale

Tap Sock creator and founder

Tap Sock costs just £4.95 plus £1.95 p&p to UK addresses.

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 Who else can benefit from The Tap Sock?

Once I saw the Tap Sock in action, I realised that it could also be used to help protect pets –and their owners! - whilst they were being washed in the bath, and would give peace of mind to anyone who was unsteady on their feet and worried about falling whilst they were in the bath.

Tap Sock is ideal for the elderly and infirm Unsteady on your feet? Maybe you suffer from dizzy spells, are feeling more fragile than normal because you are recovering from an illness, injury or operation or perhaps you have limited movement? Whatever the reason, if you feel a bit unsteady on your feet the last thing you want is to worry about slipping in the bath and catching yourself on the hard edge of the taps. The Tap Sock gives you the reassurance that you have done something to help protect your safety.
Tap Sock works for pet bathtimes, too - dogs, cats, etc. Pets As any dog owner will tell you, bathing your dog is a wet messy affair! Whether they love it or hate it, they have a tendency to become more active than normal when in the bath. The Tap Sock will help reduce the risk of them – or you! – getting bruised or scalded on the tap.  

Just £4.95 plus £1.95 p&p (UK addresses)

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Suitable for babies  Suitable for the elderly or infirm   Suitable for pets and their owners! A simple yet effective safety solution for anyone at risk of banging themselves on bathroom taps, from mums wanting to protect young children, to the elderly or infirm, or even pet owners for doggie bathtimes!
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