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The Tap Sock - made of flexible, non-toxic silicone
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  • The new Tap Sock - a plain and simple solution for safer bath times

  • There’s nothing eye catching about the new Tap Sock and that’s one of the reasons it works so well as a bath time tap protector! The no-frills design takes the shine off gleaming taps whilst offering protection from bruises and burns caused by banging against the taps.
The Tap Sock works just like a sock for a tap, providing a neat, close fitting protective layer that softens the hard edges and surface of the spout, and prevents direct contact with the hot metal of the hot tap. As an added safety measure, the Tap Sock does not feature any animal prints, patterns or bright colours that would attract children’s attention towards the taps.

“As parents of little ones know only too well there comes a time when bright shiny taps become the most interesting things in the world to a baby or child and making sure they don’t get accidentally hurt by the taps during bath time is a constant worry,” says Tap Sock creator and mum, Lucy Dale. “I couldn’t find anything that made the taps look less appealing and would help shield my little girl from accidental knocks which is why I invented the Tap Sock! I really hope it will give other parents the peace of mind to relax more when they are bathing their toddlers.”

The Tap Sock retails at £4.95. To order call 01423 545662 or buy on line at


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Suitable for babies  Suitable for the elderly or infirm   Suitable for pets and their owners! The Tap Sock.  A simple yet effective safety solution for anyone at risk of banging themselves on bathroom taps, from mums wanting to protect young children, to the elderly or infirm, or even pet owners for doggie bathtimes!
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