The Tap Sock is flexible enough to fit on many types of taps
Don't just take our word for it - our customers love Tap Sock, too!

Here are a few of the messages of support we have been proud to receive!

ďA great product to reduce the risks involved at bath time!Ē

     Sara Jessup, London.

ďMy little boy like most can be very active in the bath. This really has given me peace of mind knowing Iíve taken that extra step to keep him safer against banging his head on the taps!
Sian Hardy, Chesterfield

"This is a great idea! Not only to soften the blow if our little girl plays near the tap but keeps the heat away too! Genius!"
Rachel Hall, Nottingham

"Finally a functional product and easy to use for babies! Wish I had this 5 years ago!"
Kerenza Llami, London

"I liked this product because it was plain and simple. If anything it took away the attraction of shiney taps! No effort to use and great idea having a hole as I leave the Tap Sock on as a permanent fixture!"
Sue, Devon

"Well thought out this one, easy to use, plain colour so doesnít look obvious against my bathroom décor, no kiddy pictures to draw their attention, flexible (Iíve fitted it around my mixer tap!) Would recommend to anyone!"
Emma, Isle of White

"Love this product! No more tap ends! Really easy to use and surprisingly comfortable when leant against! Good value too."
Chris Clarke, Kent

"I am a bit unsteady on my feet especially in a bath! I know it wonít stop me falling but it helps me have the knowledge that the impact if I hit the taps would be greatly softer!"
Mike Davis, Birmingham

"I always say you canít put a price on safety, but itís good to know someone has made such a product affordable for everyone."
Simon Ferguson, Grantham

"Watching your baby and also our toddler crack their head on a tap is heart breaking, at least now I donít have to bother wrapping towels or armbands over the tap. Iíve found the Tap Sock can stay on all the time! One less thing to worry about and as a Mum that is worth every penny!. Think I may get one for every tap!"
Vicky North, Norfolk

"I bath my dog and for years have watched the poor thing jump about narrowingly missing (or sometimes not!) the taps! Much less stressful now when using this Tap Sock."
Julie Upton Sussex

"Really easy to use and very practical. I found that the hole didnít quite fit over our water outlet but turned out it wasnít a problem as the water flowed towards the back of the bath. Could be another safety benefit! Would recommend to anyone."
Emma Crisell, Harrogate

"Bathed my dog today using this Tap Sock and not only did it ease my mind knowing any knocks would be softer but even Harvey (our dog) couldnít bite it off! Very durable indeed!"
Dave Eccles, Burnley

If you've had a great experience using you Tap Sock, why not send us a message via our "Contact" page?
Suitable for babies  Suitable for the elderly or infirm   Suitable for pets and their owners! The Tap Sock.  A simple yet effective safety solution for anyone at risk of banging themselves on bathroom taps, from mums wanting to protect young children, to the elderly or infirm, or even pet owners for doggie bathtimes!
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